Purpose and Goals

By executing the world's most advanced and exclusive patented technology and world-class precision processing industry professionals. We have created a unique R & D, production, technology, and talent cultivation center for precision processed alloy materials.

Through the development of the international market, building world-class industries first-level talents. Increase shareholder income, integrate copper processing related resources, to contribute to industry's upgrades. Establishing a production, R&D, technology, procurement, talent cultivation, and education training center to contribute to the world society.


is in our corporate DNA

Foreseeing the future is in our spirit of R&D. Progressing and innovation is our principle to keep challenging the outbreak of product limitation.


The R&D team periodically announce new products with higher efficiency and better production procedure with patents.


Our primary goal is to establish the image of the industrial leader in EDM field. To creatively provided business solution to meet the demands from customer. Hence, to continuously offer more innovative, higher performance, and higher stability products for all customers worldwide.

Environmental Solution 


Production with zero emission is our foundation of technology. We are endlessly working on finding solutions to better protect the world environment by creating higher energy saving and higher efficiency production procedures.